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The history of our Factory goes back to 1904. It was founded by Mr. Frantsuzov and was originally named “Wire, Nail and Stamping Plant”. It specialized in the manufacture of wires, nails, bolts, rivets, spikes, washers, shovels and other hardware products.

In the 1920s the enterprise mastered production of anchor chains, and in 1959 it launched high-strength chain production for mining industry. In the 1970s the Factory made large reconstruction and became one of the leading producers of welding electrodes.

The enterprise consists of 11 workshops and sections which are equipped by modern high-performance machinery of domestic and foreign production. The Factory covers 294,000 m2 including 82,000 m2 of indoor production area and employs more than 600 qualified workers and specialists.

The enterprise specializes in the manufacture according to four divisions:

production of round-link chains for different purposes;

• forge-and-press production;

production of welding electrodes;

wire and nail production.

Application of control and measuring instruments and testing machines provides the high level of production quality. High-strength chains pass 100% technological control on proof load. The quality management system is certified according to EN ISO 9000: 2008 and DSTU ISO 9001-2008. In addition, laboratory tests of products are performed in the mechanical, metallographic and chemical laboratories equipped with modern measuring instrumentation.

Quality assurance system in accordance with DSTU ISO 9001-2009 is implemented at the Factory. At present the company's activity aims at expanding the range of products and getting international quality certificates. The Factory's capacities can be used for mutually beneficial cooperation.