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Vistec Weld

Production of metallic coated electrodes used for manual arc welding and surfacing of steels is the largest one in Ukraine.

Four production lines consist of 70 units of special-purpose equipment and occupy the area of 8130m2. Annual production capacity of the division is 32000 tones. Railway connection provides fast shipment of products.




Vistec Welding Electrodes 319 255




We produce the following types of electrodes: EXTRAvisTM E-6013, PLAZMAvisTMАNО-21ANO-4, МР-3UONI-13/55, ANO-6. Electrodes of 2.5-6 mm with rutile or ilmenite coating are used for ordinary and critical carbon steel structures with carbon content up to 0.25% and point of maximum load up to 60 kilogram-force/mm2. Alternating and direct current of any polarity are used during welding process. The electrodes can weld material within the range of 10-2.0mm.




The electrodes  are certified according to GOST 9466-75 “Metallic coated electrodes for manual arc welding and steel surfacing” under Ukr SEPRO certification scheme. They are also certified by the State standard of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, as well as the Russian Maritime register of shipping.