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Having a wide range of forging and pressing equipment, our company has a technical and production capability to manufacture stamped products with heat treatment of various configuration and sizes from different steel grades, in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

Forge-and-press production consists of 2 sections and occupies 2650 m2. Equipment consists of 55 units of special and general purpose equipment including automatic line based on hot crank press with 6300 t force made by SUMITOMO (Japan), hot stamp press based on press of 1600 t force, presses of 63 - 400 t force for cold and hot forging and stamping..

Three die impression and simultaneous straightening and deburring provide production of irregular shape goods and induction heating provides stability of mechanical properties.

Capability of press equipment for hot stamping

 Press power, t  Insert dies, mm  Maximum dimensions of parts, mm  Maximum dimensions of a die, mm  Applied round steel, Ø, mm  Applied steel grades Weight of a stamped part, up to, kg 
 1600  240х180  200х140  180  Ø 26 - 60







 6300  820х320  750х260  740  Ø 52 - 80  20,0


Capability of press equipment for cold stamping

 Press power, t  Press model  Table sizes, mm  Shut height, mm
 63  К116Г  710х480  340
 100  К2130  850х560  400
 160  КБ-262  710х710  480


Automated control system provides operative tracking of technical characteristics and correction.

Scraper chains SP26UM 676 329

Spare parts are produced for mining equipment with the help of hot die forging technique: 7-21 kg. scrapers, connecting link along with fasteners and round-link high-strength chains of our own production. They allow production of assembled scrape chain for conveyors: SP 202, SP 301, SP-26U, SP-251, SR-70, 2SR-70, 2SR-70-05.

Vistec shovels 320 240

Scoops of spades for different purposes and other small lawn-and-garden sundry goods are produced by means of sheet-metal stamping.

Tool stock and rebuild services are equipped with numerical program control cutting machinery, electrothermal, spark-erosion machinery made by companies ONA – Spain, AGIE – Switzerland.